Rise of the walker

Tebal - Don't Call it a Comeback!

Tebal was resurrected from his anakin like smoldering corpse for a cool 9k in diamonds.
After the resurrection the team decided to check out the enchanter who had sent them to bargel.
Arriving at the scene they found a dilapidated shop. After much searching and only finding residual magic and a few coins, a old drunk gentleman wandered by and filled the party in on the story of the enchanter.
The enchanter has been gone for a good 20 years and was a demon summoner, after some more facts from the random drunk, Dutch being a man of action burned down the building. The party finally went to the magistrate and learned more about the enchanter about how this has happened every so often to new comers in town. So far they have been unable to stop it. They also learned more about bargel and his evil ways, and the down had run him out 15 years ago.
Talking with the magistrate they learned that the monastery at the village of croat was being set upon by unknown forces and the kingdom had lost touch with them for 2 weeks. After a 2 day journey the party arrived at the town of croat to the villagers offering the adventurers their lives for having risen against the lord and slain the magistrate of the town. Dutch again a man of action intimidated the villagers and received information about what was going on, but not before another villager leapt upon the teller and stabbed him, and then twisted his own neck and killed himself. Investigating the fire and rotting smell, they find the corpse of the magistrate with his crudely severed head, along with his journal. From this they learn that the magistrate is sacrificing the towns children to a demon in exchange for a wish.

The team next heads to the monastery and after some investigation finds a sacrifice at an altar stone out front with some koi scales, and children footprints. Heading into the main hall, they team is set upon by 8 monks who have been possessed by the demon. After dispatching them, they proceeded deeper into the building, fighting some possessed swords, and hearing children’s voices calling for help from a well in the bathing room.

Next the party came to a room with a snake made from the bodies of still living monks, Dutch and his man of action stated" We going to kill the fuck out of that"
After slaying the monstrosity they proceeded further and entered the kitchen and were set upon zombie monks who proved to be no match for the team. Finally they entered the sleeping chamber of the monks to find more possessed monks who they quickly slaughtered.


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