Rise of the walker

Byblos double life?

After Penny drew her last card from the deck, the team returned to town and was met with some interesting news. Byblos went to the forge to try and repair some armor for Dutch to fit. While there he was confronted by the forgemaster about having the nerve to show his face in town with the huge warrant out for his arrest. 25k gp. Byblos decided to make a hasty retreat and the team teleported him to Penny’s recently acquired keep.

With Byblos safely sequestered the team went to the magistrate Lark to inquire about his reward. After some diplomacy and some bluff checks they discerned that Byblos had been helping drow sneak into the city and that he was wanted at all costs. The team returned to the keep after buying a disguise kit to help hide him from the authorities. Penny and Valanthe wanted to disguise him as a woman and call him Bybina, but instead he died his hair and beard red and he was called Kanye. Also they braided his beard to give him a different look, much to the chagrin of Byblos.

Arriving at the gate, they easily bypassed the ice bridge and searched the remains of the abby. The entrance to the gate stymied the group for a big with Byblos having his hand stuck in the gargoyles mouth and the rest of the team fighting to stone golems. Eventually they defeated the golems, and were able to free Byblos. They then tried again with Valanthe and Byblos putting their hands in the mounts of the gargoyles and Byblos was again stuck, but valanthe was able to open the door.

Once inside they were greeted by the statues of 3 kneeling men two holding weapons, and one empty as if holding aloft a blade or shield. They then moved to a room that was a circle with a narrow platform with a gear in the center. As they started to push on the gear, they were beset by wights who were easily dispatched. After turning the door to the south they came upon a long hallway filled with traps that nearly killed poor Tebal when he was stunned with constitution poison, after summoning many unicorns they finally healed Tebal and they disabled all of the traps.
With that it led to a narrow alcove and the team decided to rest after a harrowing day.


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