Rise of the walker

Wyrmwood ho

Well the last adventure saw the evil folks of Lilith, Gargamel, Brawndo, and Rolan as pirates on the Wyrmwood, they then attacked a peaceful village and killed women, children, and guards, stole all the money from the mayor and left town. In this Lilith decided to hug/stab a guy in the back, Gargamel tried to hit someone upside the head but missed and blamed it on rubble(successfully), and Brawndo raised a skeleton to beat a hasty retreat with the goal. They also captured one wench(Who gargamel swung for the fences when trying to knock her out).

The night ended after fighting of a kraken who had attacked the ship, and Gargamel realized how he should be using his sword.


JimBarnes JimBarnes

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